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Online Yoga Classes

For yoga nomads everywhere.

Sign up for weekly classes on the go and recordings to do in your own time (close to 100 classes currently in the library).

Please use the get in touch button (right) if you are a beginner as the classes may not be suitable. 


Three Grey Nomads Travel Blog

Follow our adventures on the road for travel/van life tips, recipes and more. We will be learning as we go so you can amuse yourself with our mistakes too.

 Can we bake bread in the van oven?

Does kombucha brew well in a van? These are all questions we hope to be able to answer as well as serious matters like how easy is it to empty the loo on the go!


Get in Touch

If you want any information about online yoga or anything van life related just drop us an email!

Current yoga classes are for those with 6 months yoga experience but feel free to get in touch for ideas of where to start. 

If you are converting a van Chris is happy to answer van related questions if you are converting your own van.

Who says life has to be boring after 50…? We are the Three Grey Nomads, Catherine, Chris & Tiggy, our grey and white whippet. After years of fitting our van life into the few weeks of scheduled holidays around work and family commitments, it’s time to spread our wings and spend more time doing what we love — travelling on the open road.


Through our blog we will share our insights of full time van life, the obstacles we face and useful information we gather along the way. Our main passions of yoga, wellness, writing and good food will be coming on the ride with us.


Catherine is a certified Level 2 Iyengar yoga teacher and Chris is an experienced van builder as well as a writer of yet to be published stories. Tiggy skills include finding the warmest spot in the house and soliciting toast at breakfast.


Current yoga students will be sharing the journey too and if you aren't already signed up to a class and would like to, you can do so by following the link below. Six months yoga experience required.

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