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Our best van so far!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

This self converted van was our pride and joy, not to mention a practical home on wheels. Having both owned various camper vans in the past, we knew what we wanted and what we didn’t so when Chris converted this one (his sixth conversion, but more of that later!) we tried to incorporate all these elements. However, there is so much to fit in such a small space so it’s always quite a challenge, involving a lot of head scratching and sketching and re-sketching. Making sure you have everything you need and nothing you don’t is harder in a small space than when your planning a bigger build.

It’s so satisfying to know that everything you need to live for a month or more is never more than an arm’s length away but planning the layout is crucial to it all working smoothly in practice.

Having spent many months travelling in this lovely van we feel confident that it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Especially comfortable was Tiggy and this is important if you are a whippet!

Because of our plans to move to Australia in just under 2 years time, this van won’t be coming with us due to different regulations relating to self converted vans so we have sadly parted with her and she is now enjoying new adventures with her new owners. We are trialling a coach built motorhome (that we will be allowed to take into Australia) so watch this space on how we are going to try and recreate some of the hygge feel of this van in a big white box. It will be a challenge but hopefully fun!

If you are interested in self converted vans, you might want to take a look so have a look at the video below.

A later addition was putting a window in the bathroom. This was originally done to get our van classified as an official motor home (and again more info around that later) but the fabulous by-product of adding the window is that the shower can now be used outdoors as well as indoors, perfect for hosing yourself down after a day at the beach. No more sandy feet in the van!

Another feature I absolutely love is the drop down kitchen work surface extension. That definitely wasn’t an afterthought as I love to cook and don’t see why you have to make too many concessions when preparing food in a van. I’ve lived in flats and houses with less work surface than this van!

Chris is always happy to answer questions about the build or offer advice if you’re converting a van yourself so feel free to ask us any questions via email or on our Instagram and please give us a follow @threegreynomads.

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